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    shelene Ryan
    September 03, 2022

    Holy amazing store! The staff are all super friendly and actually happy in their roles. Call out to Avery for making my day with her genuine smile and conversation. You can tell this store is managed in a positive way! Great job

    Jack Parker Slusarenko
    October 13, 2022

    My friend and I ordered drinks that were $7.50 each and we realized we were unable to pick up due to an important meeting. We called Starbucks and the manager Shannon answered and we asked her if we could pick up the drinks afterwards, she was not understanding at all and said that because the drinks were already made that it’s a massive waste of their product if she has to make 2 more drinks for us. Starbucks is a multimillion dollar company and I’m sure our 2 drinks getting remade wouldn’t do much harm for them, where as a part time worker making minimum wage losing 15$ and getting no compensation for it would.

    Sheldon S
    November 25, 2022

    Wow. Store was extremely busy and only one Barista making drinks. Abbott was working extremely hard and kept a smile on his face the whole time. Thanks for your hard work!

    Missy Kay
    August 05, 2022

    The baristas are lovely. They're always on it with order accuracy. However the manager today was rude, and if the baristas had an issue, they could have said something. I've been coming to this location at least once a month during a long walk with my dog. She's an escape artist and I couldn't order online for pick up. I'm not leaving her outside for too long for the chances of losing her or having her stolen. So for 20 lbs I opted to hold her almost the entire time so she wasn't near or touching anything. Never had an issue before, and I was coming to this location about 1-2x/month, for the past 13 months so that's an average of $240 in the past year.... anyways the dark haired older lady came right up to my face said they'd let slide this one time and that I should just get the batistas to hand it to me outside... As if that's realistic when they're short staffed and I waited 15 mins as there was a large 7 drink order ahead of me (without a complaint because I've been in food service, I get it). I get pet allergies, but it wouldn't have made a difference as I would have tracked in her hair and dander with me anyways. I also made sure she didn't touch anything until the manager complained, then I took her out. Anyways, the dark haired lady should isolate and test for COVID because I just tested positive for the plague, and I touched all the door handles multiple times while waiting and checking on my dog. Neither of us were wearing masks. How's that for food safe? Maybe talk to customers from a distance instead of right up to their face. Or help your staff make drinks instead of micromanaging everything. None of them had a smile on today and it's very clear why.

    zelda RAINBOW
    July 11, 2022

    Starbucks is overpriced and disgusting. They use dark chocolate or "real cocoa" or something that makes all their chocolate drinks taste like bitter dirt. But I guess people who drink coffee like bitter dirt, so to each their own. Just wish they had milk chocolate options.


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    2231 Louie Dr, Governor's Market, 101, Westbank, BC V4T 3K3, Canada

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