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13604 Victoria Rd N, Summerland, BC V0H 1Z5, Canada

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    David Griffiths
    November 08, 2023

    Local grocery Summerland; ok inventory for general public; very friendly staff, good variety in the deli. A significant price mark-up of goods reflecting the customer base (predominantly seniors) which prefers not to travel distances to seek more favourable pricing.

    Blemished Nicely
    October 27, 2023

    Both the Summerland Nester's AND the Summerland IGA prettymuch SHAMELESSLY price-gouge the town's residents, as they know they are the ONLY 2 grocery stores in town (making said gouging PARTICULARLY aggregious, as [COVID "essential" status etc] grocery stores ARE any town/city's core food distribution centres & are ergo akin to being "Utilities" [like water, power, etc...BASICS citizens NEED to live, in general] - these are NOT "convenience stores", where insane prices are the norm &, honestly, to be expected. Yeah, yeah, they'll say its "logistics" & "basic overhead costs" (transport etc), yet Kelowna to the North AND Penticton to the immediate South BOTH get their groceries delivered no problem, sell their groceries for less & we are IN BETWEEN that is just merely a measly excuse. The truth is they have you over a barrel & KNOW it. And are taking FULL advantage of it (&, by extension, the townsfolk as WELL). Don't believe me? Sugar alone. Let's explore this basic, staple, ergo non-luxury & no taxes applied food/baking etc grocery item, shall we? Summerland Nester's & IGA each sell their Rogers Sugar for app. $5/2Kg, $10/4Kg & a whopping $22-23/10Kg contrast, there are PHARMACIES (defo NOT grocer's selling staple food items) in Summerland selling Rogers sugar 2Kg bags (the WORST way to buy, price/ratio-wise, BTW & FYI) for app $3.50-$3.75 - in all fairness, S'land IGA seems to be the highest priced overall, with S'land Nester's being usually 20-60 cents less than our IGA on most items under $10-$15, & around $1 less on most items over $15-$20...but BOTH are STILL very definitely just gouging & inflating the bejeesus out of their sugar alone. Proof, you (& certainly they, should they ever actually READ this) say??? Meanwhile, in Penticton, Wal-Mart, Superstore, you name it (pretty sure IIRC even the Penticton IGA, as Pen grocers aren't gouging same way due to actually needing to COMPETE, so they CAN'T just gouge away as they please)...Rogers Sugar 10Kg bag - care to guess??? About $15-16, give or take - regular price/not on sale - go ahead & Google it if you don't believe me (Wal-Mart has 2Kg bags reg price for app $3, so isn't just big bags like that, either). Grocers, cranking up OVER a 30% mark-up, banking on people without transport or gumption/lack of awareness to have NO choice but pay out the nose?!? Absolutely Dis-GUSTING!!! And that is JUST comparing 1 brand's 3 diff sizes of sugar ALONE. To be fair, its not just these 2 stores doing it, but they PERFECTLY illustrate the underlying issue at play here: unconscionable price-gouging - cuz what the F* you gonna DO about it, valued customer & TOTAL perceived sucker/chump??? (MY personal response & advice is to simply shop Penticton...EVEN if you have to bus it with a duffel bag, etc) I REFUSE to shop either S'land Nester's OR IGA until they cut that schnikt RIGHT the F* out/give their heads a shake (a PHARMACY with cheaper reg price sugar than a GROCER'S - how utterly RIDICULOUS; it's honestly WONDER the Dollar stores in town only have icing sugar left, FFS's)~

    Sasha Krimsen
    April 24, 2023

    Perfect grocery store for the small and cozy town that Summerland is. If you are looking for a "We Have Everything All In One but 50 million things that no one needs" MegaStore go elsewhere! Somehow you've gotten yourself lost and ended up in the darling place we call home *smile* Welcome! This Nesters has a Mom & Pop Shop charm to it and although they may not "have everything" under the sun like some people have complained about they have more then enough options. Even if they don't have something or are out of stock it reminds you that in this fast pace world that not everything is always at your convenience. I love that! Stop complaining and get creative, try a different ingredient and figure out a solution. This Nesters has a fantastic bakery, well stocked produce, a mighty fine meat section, a nice dairy variety and more canned and dried goods then you'll ever know what to do with. I have ALWAYS had lovely experiences here and great service and will continue to shop at and support this store. Thank you from a very happy and satisfied customer for 3 years in row and counting. SUPPORT LOCAL ALWAYS!

    Paul Lawrence
    August 24, 2023

    Good selection of products. Lots of knowledgeable people working there.

    June 04, 2022

    There's this cute guy that works weekends and honestly I'd date him if he asked me out. He has curly hair and I'd love to talk with him... >//:((

    Nesters Market

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    13604 Victoria Rd N, Summerland, BC V0H 1Z5, Canada

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