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    Jamie Johnston
    August 04, 2022

    I (17 years old) came into Walmart this morning with my mother and decided to order some food and an iced coffee. A young boy named Curtis (unsure of correct spelling, tall with brown curly hair) took my order. I could tell he was around 15 years old and fairly new but there were no problems with his work. I was given my iced coffee first while I was waiting for my food. I took one sip and felt something come up the straw. I assumed it was a piece of ice, so I bit down on it. To my surprise it was rock hard. I pulled it out of my mouth and found a small, hard plastic, clear, perfectly shaped ball. As soon this happened, I went back up to the counter and showed them. Two employees were standing there and took a look at it. The first thing they said was "I don't even know what that is. That's not from us." They then proceeded to ask if it was from under my acrylic nails, but it was very obviously too large to fit under my nails. They continued to insist that since their cups are stored upside down, it wasn't from the cups. Clearly not, but it could be in the drink machine, but they were hesitant to believe me. The only one that actually wanted to help was Curtis, the boy that took my order. Immediately after becoming aware of the situation he offered to make me a new iced coffee. After I got the rest of my order, I went back over to my mom and I told her what happened and she was not happy. When we were on our way out, we stopped by to ask for the young boy's name to write a good review for him. As soon as they saw I came back with my mom, they apologized. We were then offered free meals by the shift manager and told to let them know about any problems with dental, as it hurt my tooth when I bit down on it and could've chipped it. I was really bothered when one of them said "Well you never know with teenagers these days.", suggesting that because I am a teenager that I was trying to scam them. I would understand if I was halfway through the coffee or something and wanted whole new one, but it was my first sip. As someone who works a customer service-heavy job, I knew they would throw the drink out and make a new one, why would I bother trying to scam them out of a $1 coffee? I left very annoyed, but I wanted to write this review to applaud Curtis. If it wasn't for him, I would be giving it one star. Thank you, Curtis!

    Erica N
    November 25, 2022

    Could be better. The food was good nice and hot but the cashier was a little short with me

    Adi Koni
    January 11, 2019

    Horrible. Manager couldn't even tell me what the ingredients of my breakfast burrito was. Here is a side by side and alone pic. They dont even have meet like this for other meals.

    Peter Morrow
    August 02, 2022

    Store # 40277 in Westbank, BC Walmart Store. My preference for a burger at McDonalds is normally a Quarter Pounder with cheese. On this occasion that is what I ordered, with a request for extra onions. When I got my order I noticed that there was a note attached to the box that said "Extra onion". Two things, first the bun was stale and not only were there no extra onions, there were "no onions' in the burger. Neither my partner nor I could finish the burger. Normally I would just pass this off as a bad deal and forget about it. This time I went back to McDonalds and spoke to the same clerk who served me. I told her I was not satisfied and I would never come back to this McDonalds again. All she said was she was sorry. I would classify this as incompetence in the kitchen and serving a stale bun is unacceptable.

    Jeffrey Smith
    August 06, 2019

    came here to get a kids meal for my child. we were given these chicken nuggets and she asked for better ones. we were given the same onea back we asked again and were given these that were made fresh. still look like the first. clearly they need to work on quality control. the manager was very nice but the quality is terrible even for McDonalds. I am not happy and we will likely not be coming back to this location. the nuggets are very dry and dark in color and tasted terrible.


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